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Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting


  • Future Water Association Board Director since 2016 (UK)

  • Co-Founder, Agily team productivity mobile app (UK) piloted with Severn Trent and Hydrosave (UK)

Coaching - Customer Experience - Arup Water (UK)​

Business Innovation Coach - EIC Accelerator

  • Energy and water efficiency retrofitted smart solution (CH)

  • System to detect heavy metals in water & wastewater (Sweden)

  • Inline flow cytometry solution to detect E.coli in water (CH)

  • Augmented Reality IoT SaaS for industrial and energy asset maintenance (Portugal)

  • Emergency response SaaS  (Norway)

  • Pure water for microelectronics manufacturers (Sweden)

  • Optical sensor to monitor Deep sea water quality (Germany)

  • Energy utilities iPaaS smart platform (Norway)

  • Water testing sensor (UK)

  • Water testing solution using animal behaviour analysis (France)

  • Chlorine management IoT solution (France)

  • Wastewater management SaaS (France)

  • cHTG system to convert liquid waste into biogas, clean water, and fertilisers (Switzerland)

  • Smart water intelligence system with flood alert (France)

  • Microfluidic analysis solution for manufacturing (France)

BlueInvest Certified Coach- Access to Finance, organisational development

UK KTN Coach - Access to Finance

  • Water quality sensor & consumer app (UK)


Associate Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT, UK)


TreaTech Sarl (Switzerland), Business Development Consultant

Cascatachuva, Leadership team coaching (Portugal)

  • Solution to produce energy out of air

EIC Accelerator - Beneficiary Business Innovation Coach and Applicant Coaching to prepare the proposals

  • Solution with AI and smart sensors to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs, deliver Net Zero goals (UK)

  • Energy and water efficiency retrofitted smart solution (CH)

  • Augmented Reality IoT SaaS solution for industrial and energy asset maintenance (Portugal)

  • Deep-tech intelligent microtechnology for monitoring and controlling the (bio)chemical attributes of aqueous industrial process media (Portugal)

  • Emergency response SaaS (Norway)

  • Energy utilities iPaaS smart platform (Norway)

  • cHTG system to convert liquid waste into biogas, clean water, and fertilizers (Switzerland)

BlueInvest certified Coach - Access to finance, go-to-market and organisational development

  • Tidal energy solution (UK)

  • Wave energy solution (France)


Account Director (Cambridge UK)

  • Analog Devices EMEA, 15 years leading a team of 10 marketers

  • Texas Instrument EMEA


BlueInvest certified Coach - Access to finance, go-to-market and organisational development

  • Power electronics solution for harsh environments (UK)

EIC Accelerators - Business Innovation Coach

  • Pure water solution for microelectronics manufacturers (Sweden)

  • Scottish Enterprise - Power electronics for HPC market (UK)

  • National Research Centre Demokritos working on nanometrology software systems (Greece)

  • Home access control systems (Greece)

Consulting - Go-to-marketing Strategy

  • Alternatives to the caesium atomic clock with up to stratum-1 accuracy (UK)

  • RFIC intellectual property and design services for the wireless and mobile markets (UK)

Consulting - Market Analysis

  • Smart metering start-up (UK)

  • Printed electronics start-up (UK)

  • Electronic component manufacturing start-up (UK)

  • Bearings manufacturer active in  optoelectronics and semiconductor (UK)

  • Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (Greece)


EIC Accelerator Applicant coaching

  • Industry 4.0 mobile Workforce Management System (Poland)

  • SaaS solution to capture people memoirs (Germany)

Pro-bono mentoring women entrepreneurs & career coaching

Volunteer & host for EMCC Mentoring conference 28-10-2022  

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I had the recent pleasure of working with and being mentored by Virginie during a European BlueInvest Mentoring Program. Virginie's skill and experience in the area of mentoring and coaching are quite exceptional, her knowledge in European Monetory funding area were of great benefit to me and my business. I would highly recommend Virginie to anyone seeking to develop or advance their skillset and careers across multiple business disciplines.

David Murrin, Factory Manager at Tradecorp International Rovensa Ireland

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