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Public speaking engagements

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Equipped with a formal public speaking training from Toastmasters International, I design speaking engagements that are highly interactive and inspired by my personal encounters as a startup and high-growth SME leader as well as the stories of my clients (who are kept anonymous).

I usually talk about business upscale, go-to-market strategies, business models, business and leadership coaching and team leadership.

Past and upcoming events, most by invitation only:

European Innovation Council (EIC) Bootcamp 4.0 - October 2022 - Online

2 sessions: "Go-to-market strategies" and "Business models"

EIC Women Leadership Programme (WLP) - July 2022 - Online

"Starting and growing a business"

Betaden North cleantech bootcamp- May 2022 - Online

"Leadership skills"

European Innovation Council (EIC) Bootcamp 3.0 - May 2022 - Online

2 sessions: "Go-to-market strategies" and "Business models"

Hired by Carbon Limiting Technologies to organise and host "Extend your digital transformation for major sustainability gains". Secured the speakers from Vodafone Business UK, HAL24K-Water, Siemens Plc, CarbonRe and LightFi.

European Innovation Council (EIC) Bootcamp 2.0 - November 2021 - Online

"Go-to-market strategies"

EASME SMEi Academy Session - 2018, Copenhagen

"Using experts to accelerate business growth"

EASME "never eat alone" innovator's summit- 2018, Berlin

"Get surrounded by Smart People" World café

EASME - June 2017, Edinburgh

Train the trainers: 80 EIC coaches - co-hosting a workshop on coaching for "Organisational Development"

If you have a speaking requirements, please reach out via the contact button of my website.

Virginie Vinel Kolovos, all rights reserved, 2022

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