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20 ways to discover your ideal B2B customer job, needs, pain, objectives and product usage

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

A recurring role for the Business Innovation Coach is to motivate startup and SME leaders to get out of their comfort zone - their office or behind their computer screen - and build the communication skills and confidence necessary to engage with B2B customers, face to face - whenever possible - as it provides insight that no remote market research might offer.

Building the collecting of customer insights into your business DNA delivers many benefits:

  • Building lasting client relationships beyond the transaction

  • Maintain or improve your competitive advantage

  • Strengthen your product design and go-to-market strategy.

It will also help you perform a number of product development and marketing tasks, such as:

  • Drafting the ideal customer(s) and user(s) profile

  • Designing the customer journey

  • Defining your economic benefits metric

  • Setting your product performance metric

  • Building a competitor benchmark

  • Quantifying your value proposition

  • Testing your value proposition

  • Moving from firmographic market segmentation (desk research data) to market segmentation based on up-to-date customer insights.

Download the following PDF highlighting 10 ways to discover customer needs using online tools, channels and market research techniques and 10 ways to collect insights face-to face-before you reflect on what is possible to research your ideal customer(s) and user(s).

Dinami Coaching B2B Customer Discovery
Download PDF • 35KB

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Still need support to start your customer needs discovery? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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